By pure luck, I’ve met so many amazing women this past weekend! It makes me want to share their stories with you, and of course, photograph all of them!

I met a woman who recently found herself a single woman again after raising 3 children. She has a whole new life ahead of her! I love her energy.
I met a woman who fell so madly in love, that within two months of meeting someone, she moved across the world to Amsterdam to be with him – and that was three years ago! I love her fearlessness.
And I met a retired Army General – yes, a woman Army General. She is a Vietnam veteran and now that she’s retired she has all kinds of ideas on how she’s going to improve the world. I love her sense of purpose.

Aside from having a giant cocktail party in my minuscule apartment, I’m trying to find ways to bring these and so many more women together. Perhaps this blog is where that happens. We pass each other on streets, brush by in restaurants, smile but move on in grocery stores. Never knowing that perhaps that woman two tables over has the missing piece to the puzzle we’ve been trying to work out.

I makes me practically bubble with new ideas and resolve! I hope you check back here to hear more stories, and find how we all connect.