I photograph a fair number of weddings each year. I love the happiness of the day. Everyone’s smiling, everyone’s dressed beautifully, it’s a party. And at some point during the day, I’m inevitably looking at two people though my camera, telling them to pretend I’m not there. And it’s usually right about then, as they relax and melt into one another, that I wonder if they know how very lucky they are. What were the odds that these two found each other? Because let me just tell you, dating is HARD! And it’s not just me – I know this from the rest of the times when I’m photographing portraits. The reasons for getting portraits are varied – a birthday, a weight loss goal achieved, a life event. But a common one I keep hearing is also for online dating profiles. Which makes perfect sense – how often do you have a really great picture of yourself that isn’t your business headshot, a mirror selfie, or a dark and fuzzy group picture when out with friends one night?! So in the wide world of online dating, give yourself an advantage – post beautiful pictures!


make-up by KC Artistry