Maybe we we don’t all party till dawn like Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald or Holly Golightly and Paul Varjak. But once in a while, what if we could? Do you know how beautiful Washington DC is at dawn? Take a stroll through the city in the early morning hours, as the sun rises up over the Capitol Building, along the National Mall. Climb the steps of the nearly silent Lincoln Memorial. Stop for breakfast (and window shopping) in City Center. Absorb this city you live in. It’s beautiful. This sunrise photoshoot was everything the Fitzgeralds would have loved (and yet never fully appreciated!).engagement Lincoln MemorialLincoln Memorial Washington Monumentformal engagementHave a formal event to attend? It’s not an everyday affair for most of us. During the holiday season of corporate parties I had several people ask me “What do I wear? I’m a physical therapist / engineer / what-have-you. I’m out of my element!” The good news is, you have help. Right here. From renting a suit or dress, to looking your best with the help of a hair and make-up artist, to finding the perfect accessories to bring it all together. Elevate. And if you’re going to go to that trouble, naturally you’d want to use this opportunity to have some photographs taken!
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Hair & Make-Up: TMak Artistry

Florals: City Celebrations

Jewelry: Mint Lola

Tuxedo: Lapel

Special thanks: Erin Tetterton